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95% de nos articles "satin" peuvent être teints 

Renseignez vous auprès de votre revendeur et/ou lire les "terms & conditions"

standard color PERFECT 2021

Terms and Conditions
Please carefully read the following information and if you require clarification, please do not
hesitate to ask us before dyeing commences.
Only dyeable satin shoes and bags from The Perfect Bridal Company are GUARANTEED
under this dyeing service. We regret we cannot offer any guarantees on this service for
shoes manufactured by other brands. Our dyeing service is recommended for Perfect Bridal
dyeable satin shoes only.
For both our standard and colour match dyeing, colour mixing and dyeing is done by hand,
and whilst every effort is made to ensure a perfect match, due to the variations in materials,
textures and finishes, colour finishes in our dyeable satin, elastic, chiffon, trims or ribbons
may not match back 100% to the material of your swatch.
Please note that when dyeing ivory to white there may be a blue or lilac tint.
When dyeing shoes/bags, linings and socks are not dyed, however, whilst every care is taken
when dyeing the dye may seep or run into the lining, especially on fabric linings. This is oſten
unavoidable and should not be treated as defect or fault.
Imperfections on the shoes or bags such as scratch marks, glue stains, watermarks, etc. may
show through aſter they are dyed.
All items will be spray protected aſter being dyed, however this will not make the shoes/bag
waterproof. We strongly advise that dyed items be kept dry at all times.
When opting for a custom colour match, items will be dyed under light specified on the
form, please ensure you check your items in the lighting you have specified.
Returns: Due to the bespoke nature of the dyeing process, we do not offer refunds on
dyed items.
Dyeing will commence only once we have received a completed and signed form, colour
swatch (if colour matching) and full payment has been received.
All dyeing is undertaken at customer’s own risk.
Our standard service is 15 working days and is included in your dyeing cost. We do offer an
express 1 week service for a surcharge of £12 incl. VAT, this is for the entire order, not per

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